I’m Cheryl, and I’m so grateful that you are here! I believe that every entrepreneur has a unique gift to present to the world. It is inspiring and humbling to help entrepreneurs find their voice so they can refine and share their gifts with others.

I am a Master Board Certified Coach and I help emerging coaches and entrepreneurs grow successful businesses, reach their personal and professional goals, and improve health and balance in their life. It is my mission to make wellness a part of how to help you achieve success, after crawling out of my own abyss that I fell into after losing both my job and my health.

After more than two decades in the corporate space supporting multimillion-dollar organizations, I found my voice, my passion, and my path towards creating a massive impact in the world.

I received my first exposure to the coaching industry while serving at a not-for-profit that is very dear to my heart called Recovery Nation.

Fast forward, and I now lead a team of coaches and volunteers at Recovery Nation who help those with addiction and their families, to transition away from the traditional disease-based models of recovery and into health using the Health Based Recovery (HBR™) model.

Through Recovery Nation, I have coached thousands of people, in both group and individual settings, on all topics related to battling and overcoming addiction; recovery coaching, partner / couples coaching, or even life and health coaching for those in recovery.

After being certified to coach while at Recovery Nation and seeing the incredible impact that coaches can make in the world, I knew that coaching was my calling.

For the past 10 years, I have had the honor of serving as both the Training Director and an Instructor at the World Coach Institute. With WCI, I have the pleasure of mentoring rising stars in the coaching industry from all over the world, and helping them choose their niche, get started in their business, and grow their coaching skills.

I decided to start Successful Coaches Enterprise, LLC. I now hold 13 coaching certifications and am also Certified in EQ-I 2.0 and EQ360 which I use every day with my coaching students. My vision for you is that through our partnership, you will become the coach that you dreamt of, with all the skills, tools and resources you need to commit to action, gain confidence, make an impact, increase your income, and master your business.

Since starting Successful Coaches Enterprise, I have worked with hundreds of rising entrepreneurs and coaches serving a diverse variety of niches uplevel their businesses.