In today’s episode I am sharing a wonderful conversation I had with Leslie Thomas Flowers. A certified business consultant and coach and 5-time Amazon best-selling author. She’s spent twenty-five years in personal development, and twelve years mastering principles and universal laws for business that have allowed her clients to “Ask for what they deserve … and get it,” thereby removing the wage gap, expected to close by midcentury.

Leslie is talking about her journey that led her into the coaching and consulting space, the leadership and technology paths she took as well as how she became an Author.

Philosophy, humanity and drama are just a sampling of what you will hear about today!

She is sharing how being a client herself really helped her in being the best coach that she is now. We’re getting into the 150 Masterminds she has led to the 14,000 hours she has invested in with her time as a coach as well as how she determines her pricing and the incredible programs she has to offer right now!

Leslie’s high-performance women’s business teaching mastermind clients, now in its seventh year, yields consistent upward business growth that is predictable. Her program, the Eight Essentials of Performance and Achievement, has her clients ‘master the art of achievement,’ and includes training, leadership development, certification and tools to manage accountability, calendar management and ideal client identification.  Her yearlong program opens only on the quarter for applicants.

After forty-five years in corporate America as a publishing professional, her persistence over the last decade has allowed Leslie to develop her gift of clear articulation of complex concepts in simple terms, thereby allowing her to teach to any audience inside and land in their unique context.

Leslie lives close to her children and grandchildren and refers to herself as a #NanaPreneur and an #UberNana, enjoying the magical combination of living an entrepreneur’s life, FINALLY and ultimately, by design!

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