Abigail started her first business almost 25 years ago. It was a promotional products distributorship that achieved $1.2 million in sales it’s the second year, putting her in the top 5% of the industry. Clients loved her branding and marketing experience and how she approached their promo needs using problem-solving skills that helped them make a greater impact with their logoed merchandise. It was her processes that made a huge difference to her clients, her family, and her business success.

After 16 years of promo items, Abigail returned to her branding and marketing roots to work more closely with women coaches who want to spend less time getting clients and more time working with them. Teaming up with Tami Crea has enabled her to provide a distinct process for making sure their clients have a brand that breaks through, a high value offer their clients are happy to sell, a solid marketing foundation and plan that is layered incorporating both offline and online marketing activity and confidence around the sales offer. And, while every step is customized to the needs of their clients, they follow the same process for LMS that they recommend to their clients. They’ve helped thousands of coaches master their branding, marketing, and sales and are excited to work with coaches who are ready to turn their coaching practice into a coaching business.

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