Jason Wright is an author, entrepreneur, consultant, and digital marketing architect with a passion for helping other startups and small businesses with their sales funnels. Jason prides himself on his ability to connect with people and speak to them in a language they understand. Jason can design successful marketing plans all while keeping a positive attitude and sense of humor along the way.

Tune in today to hear more about click funnels, active campaign, and digital marketing strategies with the Founder of Intentional Inspirational Automated Marketing.

From text and automatic email marketing tips to lead magnets and why you need to offer variety as a writer to the reader opening your emails.

Jason also shares his input on consistency, and why it is more important than the content you are providing to your audience, as well as being able to provide a $20-$25 value when gaining new subscribers to your email list and working from the back end to how you gain traffic to your website without the use of social media.

This episode is packed with some of the best tips for you to incorporate into your business email strategies. Be ready to take some great notes.

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