In this edition of the “Master Your Coaching Biz” podcast, Cheryl Thacker engages in a conversation with Mandy Tucker, a Business Team and Operations Coach who specializes in assisting small businesses in achieving significant growth through the application of robust corporate strategies. Leveraging her extensive leadership background in global corporations, coupled with her qualifications as an ICF-certified coach and a certified EQ trainer and culture expert, she provides invaluable support to coaches and service providers seeking to expand their businesses.

Her expertise encompasses guiding businesses in harnessing the full potential of their teams, optimizing leadership, and streamlining processes and procedures. With her assistance, your business can truly thrive, equipped with empowered individuals, efficient processes, and a strong team culture.


Here are the great points that we talked about: 

  • The importance of processes and systems for new coaches, as well as the signs that a coach is ready to build a team.
  • The challenges that coaches may face when building a team and how to deal with team members who aren’t meeting expectations.
  • The need for coaches to have a clear vision and values for their business before bringing on team members.
  • Recommendation for coaches: Begin with a modest approach and incrementally incorporate team members as the need arises, as opposed to attempting to handle everything simultaneously.
  • An urging to define and articulate expectations effectively to team members, while also crafting a culture and values statement for their business.


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