Yasmeen Hassan, an Emmy-winning news anchor and co-founder of HCue Consulting, joins Cheryl Thacker for a discussion about public speaking in this episode of the Master Your Coaching Biz podcast. They work with clients to convey their messages with assurance and clarity. Her expertise comes from her more than 40 years of experience as an on-air television journalist and public information specialist. She has covered presidential campaigns, Pope Francis’ visit to the US and many other notable events. Yasmeen describes her transition from working in broadcast journalism to launching her own consulting firm. According to her, it’s critical to simplify your message so that anyone can grasp it, regardless of their education or area of expertise.


Listen in to learn insightful advice for coaches who want to improve their public speaking abilities and gain media attention for their companies.


Here are the great points that we talked about: 


  • The importance of being confident in what you have to say and understanding your audience.
  • Building relationships with reporters and news outlets can be valuable for getting media coverage.
  • Local news coverage can have a significant impact, even if you’re aiming for national exposure.
  • Before doing an interview, it’s important to speak in clear and concise sentences.
  • The importance of providing value in quick soundbites or tidbits, similar to podcasting.
  • Remember that you are an expert and deserving of the opportunity to present.


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